Best Replica Cartier Santos 100 Large Price

In 1904, Louis Cartier created the first Santos watch, square rounded dial and exposed screw design make it became a landmark timepiece. To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Santos series, Cartier launched a stainless steel Santos watch. This replica Cartier Santos 100 Large W20073X8 features clear, tough appearance, with a strong identification.This 51.1mm watch becomes classic of Cartier watch which can not be ignored. Check replica Cartier Santos 100 Large price.

Screw decorated bezel polished smooth and beautiful, it is still not worry if the wear and tear will affect its beauty. Crown shoulder design is not only beautiful and can effectively protect the crown. Stainless steel octagonal crown inlaid with a multi-section synthetic spinel, rotating feel pretty good, but also easier to pull out.Large Roman numerals hour marks on the silver dial is clear and easy to read, 7 o’clock position hour markers Cartier’s English spelling hidden in the Roman numerals, do not look carefully also can not find. Luminous sword-shaped black pointer, add watch domineering and tough.

Best Replica Cartier Santos 100 Large Price

Replica Cartier Santos 100 Large W20073X8 Review

Case (including case, bezel, caseback, crown, lug): stylish avant-garde appearance, strong and resistant. Crown blue multi-faceted spinel is also bright enough.

Function and control: control sense is also good, the impact of the shoulder on the rotation is very small.

Strap and clasp: strap processing is very good, leather material is also very particular about. Clasp is thick and strong, not awkward.

Design: square rounded dial and exposed screw design to make it a landmark timepiece.

Readability: Readability is very good, the pointer also has luminous design.

Wear comfort: comfort can also, not heavy, and very fit wrist.

Movement: movement cost-effective, but does not belong to the ranks of high-end movement.

Cartier’s achievements in the field of watches not only excellent but also often lead the fashion. A lot of classic watch design and pioneer concept let the Cartier watch out of the lead.This replica Cartier Santos 100 Large 100 self-winding watch worn in the wrist when it is tough gesture, so that wearers and admirers will be amazed.