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U-Boat watch, the Italian watch brand. U-Boat was founded in 2000 the new brand, the founder is the Italians, Italo Fontana. Their watches, but also extended to use this spirit, watch design are fortunate, solid, and mostly large diameter.Strap and case plated with black PVD, use ETA movement. This brand also has a character that all the watches crown are designed in the left hand side, more comfortable.People like large black military watch, this brand is a good choice. Check replica U Boat price.

Replica U-Boat CLASSICO
Replica U-Boat CLASSICO

In 1942, Lucca City, Italy, sophisticated watch craftsman Officine Fontana accepted a glorious task from the Italian Navy: design and create a new watch for the army. This challenge means meeting the high quality standards of the Navy and complying with very specific technical specifications, but the most important thing is to ensure maximum visibility in any lighting conditions. However, for political reasons, this project has never started, and there is no product.

In 2000, Ilo Fontana’s grandson, Italo Fontana, accidentally met the design of that period, which became the source of inspiration for creating a U-Boat U-shaped watch. Italo Fontana saw his grandfather’s design first thought that it was a new dimension of time. This intuition has become the inspiration for the entire U-Boat watch series.

Italian design, impeccable craftsmanship and Swiss movement. Replica U-Boat Watches: distinctive personality, large size, perfect visibility in any lighting condition, together with his unique design: a left-hand crown protected by a specially designed safety hood. Each U-Boat series is made in Italy and every tiny detail goes through the supervision of Italo Fontana.