Replica Hublot Big Bang Broderie Price

Hublot Big Bang Broderie Sugar Skull

Hublot pushes the “art of fusion” to a new climax, leading the embroidery skills to bid farewell to its traditional fields and giving it a new identity. Bischoff Embroidery is an industry leader in creativity, product performance and innovation. The Hublot Big Bang watch was born: Big Bang Broderie Sugar Skull (41 mm) and Big Bang Broderie (41 mm). Related replica Hublot Big Bang watches.

Hublot Big Bang Broderie Sugar Skull

Inspired by the 2016 T-stage, replica Hublot Big Bang Broderie Sugar Skull combines a pattern of 11 red spinels with a vine pattern on the dial to create a colorful and colorful Rhapsody. The simple strength of the 41mm diameter case adds a touch of style to the watch: black ceramic bezel with 36 red spinels, stainless steel bezel with 36 pink sapphire, and rose gold bezel with 36 blue Sapphire embellishment. The dial and the bezel complement each other, with 12 rare stones, ceramic inlaid with red spinel, stainless steel inlaid with pink sapphires, and rose gold with blue sapphires.

Big Bang Broderie

Hublot has enriched the replica Hublot Big Bang Broderie watch family in ceramic, steel and gold. Black or silver lurex silk embroidery shines on soft silk, black embroidery in black, silver embroidery in stainless steel, and gold embroidery in gold, as luxurious and sophisticated lace underwear, subtle The ground conveys a sultry sexy. The dial design eliminates the design principles of all traditional slim dials, and the designer significantly reduces the running thickness so that the hands and embroidery do not touch each other.

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