Replica Hublot Spirit of Big Bang Price

The replica Hublot Spirit of Big Bang series, this time the new model resembles the signature of another top brand Richard Mille — barrel shape. The case size is 45mm X 51mm, a huge size. But even more striking is the barrel shape of the case. This is the first time that Hublot has released a barrel-shaped watch. In addition to the unique limited-edition model of the MP, the Hublot watches are all round-shaped.

The essence of Spirit of Big Bang is still the basic elements of Big Bang, such as the unique “H” screw on the bezel, the structure of the sandwich case, the high-tech materials, and the hollow dial element. Combined with the slender barrel design, a brand new watch has been created, which has a softer and more elegant version than the Big Bang.

The sapphire dial exposes the movement structure and has a sense of unrestrained industrial aesthetics, which contrasts with the luxurious brushed gold case. Fortunately, the dial design has not given up legibility because of hollowing out. It has wide gold-plated hands and hour markers, and is coated with heavy luminous materials, which can be easily distinguished no matter day or night.

The only exception is the date: the 31-day hollow-out date number of the entire date dial is directly exposed. Only the thin red date window frame can determine the date of the day. To be honest, it is not so easy to see at a glance. The red color on the date ring, small dial and chronograph second hand enriches the dial details and adds a sense of depth.

Hublot Spirit of Big Bang is equipped with a compound strap — a thick rubber strap with crocodile leather on it, a compound Hublot brand’s fusion concept, the strap has a good sense of balance and does not make people feel heavy and light. Because of this, the tapered band continues the curve of the case, creating a cohesive and comfortable whole.

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