Replica IWC Pilot Mark XVIII Heritage Titanium Price

Replica IWC Pilot Mark XVIII Heritage Titanium Price

Replica IWC Pilot Mark XVIII Heritage Titanium IW327006, the only watch made of titanium in the Mark XVIII series, under its simple business design, contains a strong retro feeling, which can be worn on various occasions. Related replica IWC Pilot’s watches.

The design of sweep seconds is very easy to accept. The simple but not simple dial design is different from other Mark 18 in that its minute scale adopts a track-type minute scale. The cream-yellow scale mark is three-dimensional and full, the matte black shading is delicate and elegant, the inverted triangle at 12 o’clock, and the IWC logo size, the font thickness is not different, and the two-handed willow-style quenched blue steel pointer achieves the same effect as the original. Large and stylish, the pointers are covered with a luminous coating, the calendar font is in place, the font thickness, color and rendering effect are very similar.

Replica IWC Pilot Mark XVIII Heritage Titanium, Grade 5 titanium case, the polished effect of the case is very good, and the R effect of the lugs is very good, which is exactly the same as the original. The crown is made of titanium. The side of the crown is designed with non-slip teeth. The top of the crown carries the logo of IWC. The embossing effect of the two is like a withdrawal, very three-dimensional and clear. The thickness of the GS factory case is the same as the original, with a diameter of 40 mm and a thickness of 10.8 mm.

Replica IWC Pilot Mark XVIII Heritage Titanium, its basic movement originated from the Swiss ETA2892. The powerful domestic Seagull movement reproduced the 2892 movement and the Swiss ET2892 movement in structure. It is from the same drawing, and its stability is also very high, second only to ETA2892. The second GS uses the Seagull TOP-level enhanced version of the 2892 movement, which is used to modify the original IW35111 self-produced movement of IWC, and its winding feel, operation methods, including the direction of calendar adjustment are all the same.

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