Replica IWC Portuguese Automatic Chronograph Price

IWC Portuguese series has won the favor of navigators because of its extraordinary creativity, quality craftsmanship, and stable and reliable practicality, which has produced many classic watches, which is impressive. Related replica IWC Portuguese Chronograph.

Replica IWC Portuguese Automatic Chronograph Price

The 40.9-mm case of the IWC Portuguese Automatic Chronograph is made of stainless steel. The bezel and front face of the watch handle are polished to give a smooth and full curvature. The sides are brushed and polished, which can effectively reduce the impact of accidental scratches on the overall appearance of the watch, and the post-processing is also more convenient. From the side, the three-dimensional time scale of the Arabic hour markers and bead-like time scales is very obvious.

The stainless steel crown is also made by polishing. The IWC LOGO pattern is engraved on it, and it is designed with non-slip texture. It has a comfortable feel and is easy to operate. The upper and lower parts are the timing start/pause and timing reset buttons, respectively, and they have a full sense of operation. It shows the connotation of the pulsating mechanical representative function timing.

Continuation of the sophisticated and refined design of the surface of the Portuguese Chronograph, such as the narrow bezel that sets off the atmospheric atmosphere of the dial, the Arabic numeral hour scale that enhances the dial’s stereoscopic effect, and the inclined inner bezel, and the 12-minute 30-minute chronograph dial and the 6-hour scale. Small seconds position. The central three-pin, silver-colored pointer for indicating the timing and the deep disc surface color form a striking and dazzling contrast effect, making the time indication clear and intuitive.

Equipped with 79,350 automatic winding movement, it guarantees precise operation of timing and timing functions. This watch has a power reserve of 44 hours and a daily water depth of 30 meters.