Replica Rolex Datejust 36 Price

Now the size of the watch is generally too large, the size of the men’s watch is usually around 40 mm, or more than 40 mm; the size of the women’s watch, such as Roger Dubuis and Panerai’s women’s watch, has reached 36 mm and 38 mm. The size of some women’s watches is larger than the 36 Rolex, but only in Rolex, 36 mm still exists as a men’s watch size for a long time. Related Rolex Datejust clone watches.

36mm is the most classic size of Rolex. Why do you say this way? Because 36mm has run through the history of Rolex from ancient times to the present. Since the advent of Rolex’s first self-winding watch with an instant jumping calendar in 1945, 4467 (the predecessor of DATEJUST), it has been 36mm. And on DATEJUST and DAY DATE, all of them are 36 mm, and it has been more than 70 years since then.

Why is it said that the 36mm Rolex is more suitable for men?

Because, the 36mm Rolex, whether it is replica Rolex Datejust 36 or 36 Day Date, the actual effect is larger than 36mm. The reason lies in the wide lugs of the Rolex Oyster case and the integrated connection of the watch head and bracelet. In the early years of Rolex, such as Datejust 16233 and Day Date 18038, the lugs were narrower and thinner. Later, the lugs gradually widened and thickened, reaching the current level.

Some girls have thinner wrists, and they wear Datejust 36, which is still a little too big for them, which explains why Rolex has specially launched a series of women’s watches, namely Lady Datejust. The size of Lady Datejust is usually 28 mm (at the same time, there are 31 mm models in the log type, which are also watches specially set for girls).

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