Replica Rolex Deepsea 126660 Price

Deepsea has always played a unique role in the Rolex series. It is a typical word-of-mouth polarized wrist watch. It may only have two kinds of likes and dislikes. It can be said that it wears a wrist with signs and recognition. Because it has not only a 44 mm diameter case, but also a very thick wrist watch (about 18 mm thickness). The feeling of thickness that you wear on your wrist is not something everyone can handle.

First, let’s turn our focus to the combination of the case and the dial. It still uses James Cameron Diving Blue, short for “Rolex Deepsea D-blue“, but it also has a full-black traditional version. In order to make the watch feel more balanced and comfortable on the wrist, Rolex redesigned the ear in this upgrade. In fact, the size is fine-tuned, making it about 1 mm narrower than the previous version. To accommodate this change, the same chain has been widened by about 1 mm. The thinner ears do not give the watch an elegant feel, but at least proportionally better than before. In addition, the scale of the new model is also smaller, and the cylinder scale at 6 and 9 points is slightly narrower than before. The fonts of the inner circle “Original Gas Escape Valve” and “Ring Lock System” have also been changed to correspond to “Deepsea” on the dial. Finally, Rolex adjusted the lengths of the second and minute needles, both extending by about 1 mm.

Rolex deep diving is a necessary diving watch for deep-sea exploration. Its waterproof depth reaches 3,900 meters (12,800 feet). The oyster case can withstand high pressure without affecting the size and thickness of the wrist watch. The Ringlock system is a patented case structure, which enables Rolex deep submersible to withstand the huge water pressure in the deep sea. Ringlock system consists of three parts: a 5.5 mm thick circular arched blue crystal mirror, a solid nitrogen alloy stainless steel ring between the mirror and the bottom cover of the surface, and a shell bottom cover made of oyster steel and grade 5 titanium alloy.

The movement of replica Rolex Deepsea can provide 70 hours of power storage, 20 hours more than the 3135 core carried by the previous generation of deep-submersible models.

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