Replica Tudor Pelagos Blue Dial 42mm M25600TB-0001 Price

Tudor launched its first diving watch, number 7922, in 1954. It has almost the same design as Rolex’s first Submariner in 1953. The series is also named: Submariner. However, in 1969, the Tudor Submariner debuted with a new look. The watch was not only equipped with a unique dial, square hour markers, but also matched with the collector’s hand called “Snowflake”. These distinctive details have also become an important design source for replica Tudor Pelagos watches.

The Tudor Pelagos watch is made of titanium metal, which is only about 60% of the weight of stainless steel, so the watch is very lightweight to wear. In addition, the titanium metal is more stable and can resist the corrosion of seawater, and the appearance of the full matte and matte surface is also extremely low-key and durable. At this time, in a dark environment, as a basis for reading underwater, an excellent diving watch must be clear and easy to read. This Tudor lead submersible watch with clear large square hour mark and snowflake hands not only makes reading more clear, but also emphasizes the classic design style of Tudor.

The hands and scales of the watch are coated with a lot of luminous materials to ensure a sharp contrast. The watch is specially equipped with a blue hour mark, because blue is the last color that can be discerned in the depths of the ocean in the spectrum, which ensures that the diver can read the display on the watch even in an environment with a very bad view. The color of the matte blue is also very unique and eye-catching. This matte blue has been the representative color of the Tudor diving watch since 1960, and it is also the color selected by the French Navy for its divers in the Tudor Submariner watch.

The replica Tudor Pelagos watch is water resistant to 500 meters, and more importantly, it is equipped with a helium exhaust valve. When divers use saturation diving, in order to alternate between submarine activities and rest in the cabin, it is necessary to breathe a helium-oxygen mixture to avoid long decompression during the entire mission. Because helium atoms are the smallest gas particles in existence, even if the watch is waterproof, helium gas can penetrate into the watch after a certain period of time. Therefore, the helium exhaust valve allows the gas seeping into the watch to be released during the decompression phase at the end of the task without damaging the watch. The helium exhaust valve not only eliminates this excessive pressure, but also protects the watch from damage.

The replica Tudor Pelagos watch is designed with a screw-in crown to achieve a waterproof effect. The crown is engraved with Tudor’s iconic shield logo, and the pit pattern treatment is added to make the wearer more slip resistant and convenient when operating underwater. The automatically adjustable bracelet is one of the biggest highlights of the Tudor lead diving watch. Because the diving suit will be compressed in the deep sea and contract, it will also expand when the diver returns to the surface. However, it is not convenient to adjust the watch elasticity underwater . The MT5612 movement is equipped with a two-way automatic winding rotor with a power reserve of up to about 70 hours.

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